I got SCP v1.3.6, then I tried to open it. It said User lib not found. I thought this was just a corrupted file so I tried to download it again. It did not work so I did for a THIRD time. You guessed it, it did not work. I saw there was a patch for 1.3.6 so I decided to download that, instead it said I did not have fmod.dll installed, yet I did. I tried to run the original one with admin, User lib not found. I then tried to run the patch as admin but it STILL didn't work. I was getting frustrated by then and decided I had to ask for help about this. If anybody has anything they could do to help with my problem, I would gladly accept. To help you, I have Windows 10, and yes I do know SCP-CB does not work that great with new devices. I would just like to see if anybody could help with this.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.